What is Trust Pharmacy?

Trust Pharmacy is a global pharmacy service, which is dedicated to providing patients with access to the best pharmaceutical products at reasonable and affordable prices. To reach customers from different countries, we have decided to go online and have created a fully-functional website.

We are focused on helping our clients to take care of their health without unbearable expenses. We believe that top-quality medicines should be affordable to every consumer, regardless of his financial state or place of residence. That is why keeping our prices to a minimum is our first priority.

Meanwhile, we understand that we bear responsibility for the health of our buyers to a considerable extent. Therefore, our specialists pay maximum attention to quality issues. Inotek Drugstore is an internationally-known company with a great history and a stellar reputation that will aid you in taking proper care of your health without excessive expenses.

What We Do

The key mission of our Trusted Pharmacy is to make your shopping experience as easy and comfortable as possible. We understand that, due to a hectic lifestyle, most customers do not have much free time to deal with routine chores like buying medicines. Hence, we offer a bigger assortment than any local pharmacy in your city. Our catalog comprises everything to satisfy your health needs so that you do not need to search anywhere else.

Also, we give a high status to medicines that are intended for enhancing sexual health. Nowadays, due to a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, and other factors, sex problems, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculations, are highly common in men of different ages. For example, ED affects about 50% of 50-year-old men. On the same note, medical experts claim that sexual problems are likely to make a disastrous impact on other spheres of life and even lead to depression and other severe mental disorders. So, we have created a special category devoted to the sexual health of both men and women. There, one can purchase a remedy for solving any related problem.

Still, offering a comprehensive selection of drugs is only one aspect of our work. Our company also provides a full range of pharmaceutical services, including consultations, refills, reminders, international shipping services, and others.

Our Principles

The key motto every member of our team is governed by – customers’ interests first. In opposition to most other online drugstores, we do not place a priority on receiving high incomes. Instead, we make every effort to provide every customer with the highest quality of goods and services, as well as with the best shopping experience, which ensures high and stable sales volumes and, consequently, good incomes.

Here are the basic corporate principles of our company:

  • The well-being of our clients is our highest value.
  • We strive to offer the most beneficial quality-to-price ratio.
  • Our pharmacy distributes only those products that meet international quality standards.
  • We do our best to offer the widest selection of medicines on the market.
  • We are continuously improving our service and adding new advantageous features to it.
  • We constantly monitor and adjust to the current market trends.
  • Our specialists make every effort to pay enough attention to every client.
  • Professional customer support is a key to success.

Why Inotek?

The first reason why customers select our World Famous Pharmacy – we are a client-centric company. That means that every specialist from every department is focused on the needs of buyers.

We realize that the quality of our work directly influences the health of our users, and we fully commit ourselves to protect it. The members of our team devote attention to every detail: from the reputation of manufacturers, with whom we collaborate, to the safety of packaging, which we use. Our specialists take all the steps and precautions required to ensure that our customers receive medicines that are both safe and effective at the lowest reasonable prices.

Besides, we give special attention to the quality of service. Our pharmacists are always ready to provide assistance in selecting a suitable item or to answer any questions, but they will never try to impose any products or services on you. At our pharmacy, the service is discreet.

Another advantage our users point to is our website. It combines a stylish design and a comprehensive selection of functions. It is fully intuitive and easy-to-use. In most cases, it takes a client just a few minutes to find all the goods needed and to place an order.

In addition, we treat our clients’ opinions with respect. We scrupulously analyze all the feedback left by users and implement the changes and innovations required. So, if we see that some product has many negative reviews, we will get in touch with a manufacturer to find an optimal solution. Also, in case a user is interested in a product, which is not currently available in our catalog, we will endeavor to add it. Our customers appreciate such attention.

Trust Pharmacy Technologies for Retail Online Pharma Sector

Inotek Trust Pharmacy is the company that has been successfully staying abreast of time for two decades. New technologies represent one of the main focuses of our team. Two decades ago, we concluded that the future would belong to e-commerce. And, nowadays, most drugstores use a website as the only or additional marketing platform. So, our choice has proven to be correct.  No doubt, we have preserved the initial strategy and continue to regularly introduce innovations to our team and clients.

We put special emphasis on improving our website. We have invited highly-experienced and creative IT specialists to our team so that they ensure the swift and uninterrupted operation of the service and provide it with all the features buyers may need. Certainly, they scrupulously monitor and analyze all the innovations that become available on the global market and make use of the most promising ones. The priority aspects of our team are user-friendliness, informational security, safe payments, innovative features that enhance a user’s experience. Besides, we take full advantage of tracking technologies. Our specialists apply them to learn about current buyers’ needs and interests and to adapt our service to them.

Products from Inotek

The biggest problem of today’s pharma market is sky-rocketing prices of brand-name drugs. In pursuit of high profits, pharma companies keep on rising their prices year after year. And, in case there is no governmental regulation in the country (like in the USA), prices are likely to become unreasonably high. Consequently, a significant part of consumers cannot afford to buy prescription medicines, which they need to lead a full-fledged life. Besides, that increases a financial load on the public healthcare system.

Hence, as of now, in the overwhelming majority of countries, local medical authorities, experts, doctors, and insurers promote the use of more affordable alternatives to brand medicines – generics. These products are equivalent to original medicines and provide identical therapeutic effects, while their prices are around 50% lower.

We also realize that, for many customers, low prices are the key choice factor. So, to ensure the affordability of our products, we have included generics in our assortment. Still, in our catalog, you will find premium items only. We collaborate only with those generic manufacturers that have proved to strictly follow international quality standards and good business practices. As a result, one can hardly feel any difference between generics from our store and brand-name pharmaceuticals. The results of the treatment will be identical, while the cost will be more than 50% lower.

Generics from our catalog are a real find for those patients who need to use several costly prescription medicines simultaneously. However, even if you do not experience difficulties in covering your drug expenses, there is no sense to pay excessively.

To form your own opinion about our service, visit our catalog. We are sure that our assortment and prices will appeal to you.