Product Pipeline

Our product pipeline includes a trabodenoson monotherapy delivered in an eye drop formulation, as well as a fixed dose combination that includes trabodenoson plus latanoprost in an eye drop formulation, which we refer to as our FDC (Fixed-Dose Combination) product. We are also evaluating the potential of trabodenoson to directly target optic nerve neuropathies. The following table summarizes our product development programs.

Our most advanced product candidate is trabodenoson monotherapy. Our clinical trials have demonstrated that trabodenoson has significant intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering effects, convenient dosing, and also has a favorable tolerability and safety profile when compared to the currently available glaucoma treatments such as Prostaglandins (e.g., latanaprost), and non-PGA monotherapy drugs (e.g., timolol, brimonodine, dorzolamide).